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X-Stream Interactivity

I love streams. I’ve been watching them for a few years now, and I’ve even begun doing research to understand motivations for watching. Plenty of people are making a living at playing games for other people’s entertainment. At any given time, thousands of people are watching Twitch.tv (which is only one of many streaming services available) to see their favorite streamers, games, Major League Gaming (MLG) tournaments, speed runs, and to interact with the communities that accompany them. In the post-modern world of Web 2.0, interactivity reigns and streams are a way for the gaming community to become even closer than before. Look out, mainstream society… the gamers are coming.

Many people watch to support their friends/favorite streamers. Though I watch dozens of streams, I am not an exception to that so I’ll list a few favorites here (in no particular order).

RaggedyAuto A very energetic and happy streamer who loves everyone and all the kawaii things! (18+)

FerretBomb An incredibly intelligent gamer with a love for theory crafting and his community (18+)

Chicken A passionate gamer with a very cool chicken hat. (18+)

UnsanityLive An endearing, charming, funny as hell streamer with a taste for the zaney (18+)

LethalFrag A streamer who prides himself on his community (all ages)



I’ve Finally Subjected Myself…

… to the Fox. I don’t know why the hell they weren’t paying attention when the fox started WERKING in that deep ass voice, but I do know I get why everyone is living for this song. I get it on two levels (you knew I was gonna turn this into something media psychology related, right?) On his blog, Henry Jenkins explains that people spread memes because they are trying to make sense of the content. There is something compelling about exploring every aspect of a thing; changing it to fit it to our situation or our tastes, relating our experiences to our friends, and so on. And, honestly, if the guys in Ylvis don’t understand what the fox says, how are we supposed to understand why we’re watching them sing about it?

The truly sad thing about all of this? In the back of my mind, all I could think was, “Google that shit! I’m sure SOMEONE knows!” ::fail:: Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all seen a zillion versions (though I only finally watched it tonight), but here is one of my heroes singing along. Enjoy!



The Greatest NES Collection of All-Time

I love NES gaming and have since we got our NES in 1986. In retrospect, I wish I’d begged my mom to keep our system, but hindsight and all that. But I digress. This collection is amazing. I WISH I had something bad ass like this. Since I don’t, join me in a little nostalgic vicarious living.